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Product Description

Ready to Try Farming?

Normal puzzles are passé – it is time to embrace the world of 3D and enjoy it to the fullest! Consider this Trailer construction kit, which is the perfect addition to the Tractor model – after all a fully functioning farm needs to have both of these vehicles. The overwhelming response post the Kickstarter launch gives you some idea regarding the popularity of UGEARS construction models.

  • Quick and handy operation – a special lever can be used to turn the trailer’s side upside down.
  • Realistic design – we have incorporated items required by a good handyman such as a pitchfork, shovel, bucket with screws hanging on a hook, and broom under the truck bed.
  • A hook unit allows you to seamlessly attach the Trailer to the Tractor – no muss, no fuss!
  • Unlike similar projects, this mechanical model isn’t messy because there is no need for glue to hold the components together – this aspect adds to the excitement while assembling the gadget.
  • Self-propelled kits don’t need electricity or special tools during setup.
  • Parts are made of top quality plywood and pre-cut precisely via an advanced laser cut technique, so all you have to do is follow the instructions provided and connect them accordingly.
  • The Trailer is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and doubles as a decorative element in your home.

Being made of plywood ensures the product is eco-friendly too. If you don’t have the Tractor model yet, buy it with the Trailer so you can complete the set. In case you intend to purchase it as a gift, it looks better when presented as a package rather than individual wooden mechanical kits – it exactly like constructing a miniature of its bigger version. Moreover, this is a versatile gift, which is suitable for both kids and grown-ups. Order this patented invention right now!

Model is designed for self-assembly without glue.

Please note: the Tractor is not supplied with this model, and can be purchased here.

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