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Product Description

Keep Your Treasures Hidden in Plain Sight

In the olden days, people kept small items or trinkets in tiny boxes or cubby holes in desks. The objective was to store stuff safely and not misplace them at the same time. Using the same idea, UGEARS has come up with a quaint Treasure Box construction kit that is fun to assemble and useful too.

  • This mechanical model works out great for your home and office – you can keep it in your study or have it close at hand on your workstation.
  • A variety of items can be stored inside starting from safety pins and paper clips to business cards and plastic cars.
  • No electricity or tools are required for holding the parts together – the Treasure Box is 100% safe for kids.
  • Simple operation – just pull the lever on the side and the lid snaps open to reveal what is inside the Treasure Box. Close it shut when you are done.
  • You could utilise this device for storage purposes or as a lovely aesthetic element that imparts a vintage vibe.
  • Children are bound to enjoy this innovation, but it is equally popular with adults. Even if it takes a few hours to put together, the end result is worth the time and effort put into this endeavour.
  • The 3D puzzle is assembled using parts made of extremely fine flat-cut plywood that is perfectly crafted via a sophisticated laser cut method. It also emphasises the eco-friendly aspect.

Since this pretty little Treasure Box is a hit among people of all age groups, you can easily select it as a gift during birthdays or holiday seasons. In fact, you don’t need an occasion to buy a model kit for your loved ones – just place the order and be prepared for an exciting time ahead.

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Weight0.530 kg
Dimensions37 x 17 x 3 cm
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